These Bare Walls is a design studio based in Ankeny, Iowa. Founded in 2015 by Kelly Riesberg, These Bare Walls produces prints that you can download directly after purchase and choose to print and display however you wish. OR you can purchase them, we'll print 'em and send them to you! We used to just provide digital prints, but we thought we were missing out on some fantastic customers that just wanted to order and have the print sent to them. We decided offering a digital print option and a print option would be best so everyone would have their decor needs met.

I've recently added wooden bead garland to our shop and I'm super excited about these new collections! I found how popular these garlands are on Instagram, but all of the shops were located in Australia. You'll start seeing these wood bead garlands as well as pom pom garlands more and more in the United States, and they will make you swoon! They have the cutest children's boutique's and wooden decor there and I just couldn't get enough! 

All prints and garland are designed in-house and feature Kelly's designs. 

These Bare Walls is committed to providing beautiful designs that are affordable and offer the easiest way to get the product in your hands. With digital prints there's no waiting and no shipping since you can download the digital files immediately after purchase. Print on whatever medium you like (heavyweight, canvas, glossy, matte, etc.) and print as many as you would like (with the exception for resale purposes of course).

A passion for creating prints and wooden decor and offering is what These Bare Walls strives to do, day in and day out. Prints or garland make the perfect home decor or gift!

Kelly Riesberg