These Bare Walls offers so many different Quotes Prints to choose from. Decorating your home with your favorite quotes is a fun way to decorate and give it your own style.

God Knew My Heart Needed You Engineering Print - Printable Art

$ 7.00

There are times when you know that God has had his hands in giving you just what you need. This print is for all of the parents that have been given the precious gift of a child and know that it was truly God answering your prayers. You can order this print as a digital file or have the print...

I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now Engineering Print - Printable Art

$ 8.00

Isn't it awesome when you can look back and think wow, what I have sitting before me, is exactly what I used to pray for? That's exactly the thought behind this design. Once upon a time, what you have in front of you, is exactly what you used to pray about.  You can order this print as a digital file...