We're excited about our addition of our Large Wall Art / Engineering Prints collection. I've always loved large wall art, but it can be pretty expensive. Although you can print any of these designs on regular paper, you can also send these to print at a place like Staples and have them printed as an engineer print for a fraction of the cost.

What are engineering prints at a place like Staples? They are large black and white prints created on plotter printers traditionally used for engineering and architectural work. Some printers now offer color engineering prints too!

Engineering Prints offer big art for little money. Very Affordable Prices! Less than $2 for an 18x24, now that's affordable!

You may wonder how good of quality the prints can be for such a low price, it sounds too good to be true, right? Engineer prints appearance is akin to a large photocopy. Although it's lower quality, it really looks great! I would compare engineer paper to regular computer printer paper. I think it's important to let you know this, so you don't expect a heavy photo paper on return. Although they say it's a lower visual quality, I design all engineer prints in black and white and use no pictures, so there really is no visual issues! What you see in the picture with the girl holding up the paper is really what you'll get! 

Engineering prints are also known as: engineer prints, blueprints, oversize prints, and architectural prints.

Get the actual print!
If the whole DIY, print it yourself at Staples isn't your thing, no worries! We now offer actual prints that will be mailed to you. The quality of this paper is enhanced matte paper, a high quality, unlike the cheaper version at Staples. 

Are you looking for something specific?
We're going to continue designing and adding to our store and would love your input. If you don't find something you're looking for, please contact us and let us know! We love receiving ideas from our customers. 



Farm Fresh Pumpkins Print

$ 4.99

Farm Fresh Pumpkins Print We've created this super cute Farm Fresh Pumpkin sign for you to decorate with this Fall. Place it in a frame alongside some pumpkins for a cute display. You can order this print as a digital file or have the print sent to you! Be sure to choose which preference you have in the Print Size...