Hello Friends! After a soft-launch in December, I decided it was time to invite you all to this shop of mine! Secret no more, it's time to share! I've been busy busting my hump over the last few weeks adding products, tweaking here and there and working on little bits of everything up in here! 

SomThese Bare Walls - Printable Wall Artetimes I find a hard balance between how I spend my time growing this business. On one end, I love love love to design and I kinda hop from one idea to the next. On the other end, I really enjoy the marketing side, which means amping up all of my social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, if you'd be so kind, please Like and Follow). So far, I think it's been a pretty good balance!

Most of you know that I have another business, Four Sevens Designs, and have several website/online marketing clients. So between these 2 businesses and herding my 4 kids around, it's busy! And I love every freaking second of it!

One last note. I'm going to continue designing new prints on the daily and adding variations of what I've already created. But, if you have something in mind that you'd really love, please let me know. 

Thank you all for helping me build my online community, for supporting me and encouraging me in this fun adventure of mine!

~ Kelly



  • January 14, 2016
  • Kelly Riesberg
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