Every Monday morning I know that I can expect a friendly email from Creative Market, with a subject line along these lines, "Happy Monday - Download 6 new free goods." Can I tell you how much I love Creative Market AND their free goods? Yes? Good, because I am. 

I believe I came across Creative Market at the end of April from AppSumo who was running a deal for their website. Ever since then I've downloaded every 6 free downloads on Mondays, I've purchased every one of their monthly design packages and have purchased a few other projects as well for invitations, newsletters and even fonts. 

Now of course, I'm a designer, but Creative Market gives me access to thousands of other designers who have already created some of the pieces that I need, saving my oodles and oodles of time. Not to mention, these designers are very talented, and I'm happy to support them in any way I can. 

This morning as the weekly free downloads email came across, I instantly downloaded them, but I also had a thought. These Bare Walls is only a mere 4 days old and I want to consistently add new projects to it. So I thought, today I should take one of these free goods and create a print from it. As soon as I saw Garam Dapur's 50 Triangulation Background set, I knew exactly what I was going to do. I've been wanting to create some animal silhouette prints and adding these backgrounds would be the perfect match. 

I came up with 8 different Bear Silhouette prints in various colors and added the wording, "BE BRAVE little one". I absolutely love how they turned out and will be adding more animals with different quotes next!

More importantly, after I created the designs, I added them to my shop, posted on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to capitalize on the marketing efforts at the same time. I'll go more into detail about the social media part of the business, but it's a very important step in my shop's future success!

Thank you, Creative Market, and to all of the designers for providing us these Monday morning goodies each week! I'm sure I'm not the only one that really appreciates these 6 free gifts and who receives inspiration for their next project from them! 

  • December 07, 2015
  • Kelly Riesberg
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